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Pi Brewing – Irrational but Well Rounded

What goes better with Pizza than Beer!? That’s why we decided to offer our guests the perfect pairing with our very own brewery, Pi Brewing Co. located conveniently next door! Why Pi you ask? When we applied for our permit we were restricted to only brewing 100 gallons per year. Well, that wouldn’t work, We drink that much beer ourselves! We Finally agreed to keeping our batch size under 100 gallons. Coincidentally, 99 gallons of beer equals 3.1415 barrels, thus Pi was born!

Please Let us know your Favorite brews, and be sure to try our NM State Fair Gold Medal winning IPA, or our double Gold Medal Winning Porter! CHEERS!


News & Events

Albuquerque Hop Fest

On Saturday, August 27th come see Pi Brewing at Albuquerque Hop Fest! We’ll be bringing some of our favorite from our in-house brewery to share with you all! Visit us and get some beer! Go to for more details!